Bowed Wall Repair

Bowing Basement Wall Repair Nashville

Call us today to schedule a free home estimate. We can fix your bowed basement walls.

Bowed Basement Walls

We repair bowed basement walls. Don’t wait until it gets worse. Call us for a free estimate.


Load Reduction

We can reduce the pressure on the foundation walls by removing the expansive soil and replacing it with gravel.


Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are installed after the walls are brought back into their original spot. We first fix the bowing walls and then install anchors for extra durability.

Bowing Basement Wall Repair Nashville

Bowing walls can be found in Nashville homes in need of foundation repair. They are often accompanied by cracks, especially horizontal ones, and possibly water damage. Many homeowners attempt to brace the wall themselves in order to keep the wall from bowing further or collapsing, but simply bracing a bowing wall – especially when done by an amateur – will not solve the underlying problem.

Bowing walls are caused by shifting and expanding soil around the foundation of your home. When your home has inadequate drainage, water tends to pool near your foundation and soak into the soil. Then, the soil expands, putting excess pressure on your walls and causing them to bow in the middle. Bowing walls in Nashville TN may also be caused by settling soil under your foundation, which causes the foundation itself to shift and crack.

Warner Foundation Services provide professional water and foundation services to the Nashville metro in the following areas: Basement Waterproofing, Bowing Basement Wall Repair, Concrete Work, Foundation Repair and Retaining Walls. We are also a certified licensed dealer of DynaPier.

Bowed Wall Repair - Nashville
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