How To Keep Your Basement Dry This SpringProtecting Your Basement From Water

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer and Spring has officially arrived! While most of us look forward to being outside and enjoying the weather, we need to be prepared to keep our home foundations safe, and our basements dry this year. Spring time means we can expect a lot of rain which can cause problems for foundations. The soil around your home shrinks when it dries and swells when it’s wet. So this time of year soils will swell and it is important to manage the water around your home’s foundation. Below are a few helpful tips on basement waterproofing.

1. Clean Your Gutters

Be sure to clean your gutters so that water can easily move through them to the down spouts. Also, make sure the down spouts are running the water away from the foundation. It is important to keep water from pooling around the home’s foundation. In doing this you will decrease the risk of water causing foundation damage and prevent the need for foundation repair.

2. Examine the Grade Around your Home’s Foundation

Take a look at the grade and slope around your home’s foundation including the soil, patio, porch, sidewalks and driveway. Sometimes these will slope towards your foundation which can cause water to collect near the foundation leading to problems. If there is a slope just call Warner Foundation Services and we will come out for a free home inspection.

3. Beware Of The Surrounding Landscape

Most of us live in neighborhoods surrounded by other homes. When the properties surrounding your home are on higher ground it is likely that the excess water will run into your yard. If this is true for you, we recommend creating a ditch to intercept water flow and channel it away from your home.

Following these easy tips will help keep water out of your basement. If you have water in your basement and want it gone, give us a call and schedule a free home estimate.

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