Crawlspace Encapsulation Nashville

Houses with unsealed crawlspaces often have issues with insulation, moisture and air quality.

When floor joists retain moisture, floors can bow. That can lead to insulation sagging, or falling between the joists. What’s more, pests and insects often infest unsealed crawlspaces.

With our Crawlspace Encapsulation process, we’ll protect your home from moisture and mold with a heavy duty plastic Vapor Barrier that covers your entire crawlspace.

Warner Foundation Services provide professional water and foundation services to the Nashville metro in the following areas: Basement Waterproofing, Bowing Basement Wall Repair, Concrete Work, Foundation Repair and Retaining Walls. We are also a certified licensed dealer of DynaPier.

Bowed Wall Repair - Nashville

Leaky Crawlspace

We repair wet crawlspaces. Don’t wait until it gets worse. Call us for a free estimate.


Reduce Odor

We can reduce the the odor that is associated with a moist or wet crawlspace.


Lower Energy Bills

Crawlspaces can often times cause sagging in the joists. That can lead to outside air coming into the house.

Warner Foundation Service Shield
Warner Foundation Service Shield
Warner Foundation Service Shield
Warner Foundation Service Shield

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